"We need effective Business Intelligence from our systems. Our past investments in MRP systems have failed to deliver the benefits promised."

DSI records capture every event that is of interest. These records can be analyzed in every way imaginable, at any time. So your BI goals can always be met. When the data is captured, nothing about its analysis is presumed. No doors are ever closed.

"Disaster Recovery is hugely important to us, but we don't have a good way to do it. Nobody is confident that our plan will work when needed."

DR is a design requirement of every LB. It is simple to requisition the necessary history from the Librarian and re-build each Data Base (DB) in every LB. So DR is easy to test and verify. It's not a big deal for us.

"We need the ability to handle late-arriving changes at a reasonable cost and time. Because the competition is always in flux!"

We can change the DSI records at any time by adding fields. We can change the logic at any time by revising the Logic Boxes. Only a few LBs are affected by any change you can imagine. No doors are ever closed. We welcome and celebrate change.

"Our systems cannot cope with the Internet of Everything."

DSI is IoE. DSI records are “of interest” without regard to the eventual uses that may be made of them.

"We have Legacy systems that are hard to maintain and impossible to re-engineer."

You can re-engineer a Legacy System by tracking its inputs and outputs with a DSI system. When the outputs always concur, then you can retire the Legacy.

"We need to employ embedded devices that use small PIC microprocessors. Can your system do that?"

Sure. The only API is DSI messages on socket pairs. A PIC can read a door switch or a temperature sensor and send DSI messages just fine.

"Can you use the Raspberry Pi?"

Sure. The pi runs Linux and has a fine ethernet port.

"What do you mean by “Transparency”?"

In a transparent paradigm, the stakeholders do the Analysis. A team of Engineers knows how their refinery must operate- what must happen, and what must be prevented.

"What is new about your paradigm?"

Nothing. It's all old, from the early days of computing. Except that today we have copious and very affordable resources available to use.

"Is DSI a Cloud system?"

Yes, if you want it to be.

"IT systems are a major competitive driver for our business. But they are too costly."

Development of a DSI system can be very economical, and fast. And flexible.

"IT projects sometimes fail to deliver, or are canceled. How does your system differ in this risk?"

The DSI project will proceed methodically. DSI records are defined to capture all that is of interest. Then the LBs are defined and specified, and built to order. Then tested and installed. There is steady progress, and constant Deliverables. What's to fail?

"We need a method to document production processes for liability protection. Can DSI help?"

Yes. Since the DSI records are stored indelibly in the Archives, they can be of evidence quality.