Please choose your job title to find answers to your most likely questions on how DataStreamInfrastructure will work for you.


As CEO you would never agree to fund a building project without blueprints, yet in the computing world blueprints are seldom available. DataStreamInfrastructure offers your team a human-readable Blueprint of your whole Transactional Computing system. This is new, and it is liberating! DataStreamInfrastructure has rich support for every member of your management team.Click to learn more.


As CFO you need good confidence that the corporate books and records are accurate and complete. You need assurance that you are in compliance with the laws and regulations governing your business sector. DataStreamInfrastructure offers you a full and complete analytic record of every event, "etched in stone". Click to learn more.


As CIO you carry the heavy burden of assuring the Data Security, System Performance and cost-performance of your systems. DataStreamInfrastructure offers benefits in all these areas, plus Disaster Recovery, etc. It is inherently Agile, and it supports OO in a way that you can live with. DSI can even assist with the reinvention of your legacy systems.Click to learn more.


As COO you need full access to archived data and full flexibility to design new systems that react to late arriving changes. You need strong Business Intelligence tools. You need to know what is happening and how efficiency can be optimized. And you need assured Disaster Recovery. DataStreamInfrastructure shines in all these areas! Click to learn more.


As a Developer you need a sane systems environment, ideally in a 9-to-5 day! You need the ability to make late-arriving changes without disrupting operations. You need the ability to test and verify code modules before putting them into your production environment. You need a solid, testable Disaster Recovery plan. You need OO that you can live with. DataStreamInfrastructure offers all this and more! Click to learn more.


Marketing requires solid intelligence upon which to base solid decisions. You need the ability to measure the results of your promotional initiatives. You need a responsive BI dashboard so you can play many what-if scenarios. DataStreamInfrastructure will rapidly become your very best friend!Click to learn more.


The SA has the thankless task of interfacing between the civilians and the geeks. DataStreamInfrastructure offers Transparency, so it becomes easy for you to interview the users and craft a blueprint for the systems they need. At last, you can do your work in a calm and sane environment! Click to learn more.