Welcome to the world of DataStreamInfrastructure.

This revolutionary process manages the most chronic challenges of software design and implementation.


    Complex, undocumented, underperforming program code that doesn't work and cannot be deciphered by anyone including the original creator

    Protecting data integrity and security from both internal and external breaches

    Data restoration issues in the event of a crash

    Late-arriving or continuous specification changes which disrupt the program and require inordinate amounts of time to integrate and/or implement

    Legacy systems that are on life support due to the lack of good ways to re-engineer them

    Cost overruns and unacceptable delays in the delivery of new software systems - often resulting in cancellation

    Lack of transparency for owners, managers, users and other stakeholders

Our system represents a true quantum shift in the way all these problems are dealt with. Revolutionary? Yes it is. To be truly effective, a radical change is most definitely in order.

Intrigued? We will show you how software engineering can emulate the rigorous standards and success of civil engineering - no more collapses! Please be welcome and explore further.

The Process Explained

DataStreamInfrastructure is a concept that defines our new approach to software development and implementation. This concept involves compartmentalizing a software project development into small, logically distinct modules which are easily modified and infinitely more manageable. Thus the completed software project is constructed in 'building-block style' by combining the self-contained modules.

This modular approach facilitates independent construction, testing, refinement and retesting before integration into the project. These modules are easily identified for later retrieval and processing including changing, refining, troubleshooting or removing. Disaster recovery becomes a quicker and far less painful process. Sound simple? In essence it is, although implementation of this concept and strategy requires some initial mentoring and nurturing. That is where we come in.

DataStreamInfrastructure is the overall conceptual framework and methodology of our computing model. DataStreamInfrastructure offers a new and better way to handle transaction computing. Most importantly, it offers transparency, which means that all the stakeholders can fully participate in the design and maintenance of their computing solution. The result of this design is a blueprint to guide the programmers in their work.

The basic idea is that Logic Box modules are the only ones permitted to interface with the program. Each Logic Box module is created, tested and maintained separately. Each is designed to be responsible for a defined task. Typically, a Logic Box module will have a limited amount of code for easy manipulation.

DataSteamInfrastructure incorporates the concept of safe, secure offsite storage with superior retrieval capabilities and reliable disaster recovery. All software programs and subsequent data and documents are stored offsite in multiple locations for added safety. Everything is stored in an auditable read-only format that cannot be altered. Changes result in a new read-only file instead of the constant, and potentially disastrous, modification of a single file. Files must be retrieved before alterations or additions can be made. Think of it as a granite wall onto which everything is 'cast in stone'.

Our implementation of DataStreamInfrastructure involves the use of an 'archive' and a 'librarian'. When Logic Box modules need information to be retrieved from the archive, the librarian performs the task. Subsequently, when the information or modules need to be returned, the librarian will deal with this.

The ongoing development of this unique and highly effective technology is going to the Open Source domain. We are inviting like-minded developers to help us make this a best-of-breed product.

Our commitment going forward will be to provide ongoing contractual support to our valued customers. We invite all interested parties to contact us for further information and to see how we can benefit your software development and implementation.

Follow this link to head over to the white papers that further outline the principles of DataStreamInfrastructure; the first option on that page is a simple slideshow.